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May 4, 2014

Live Tweet Reading of Andrew Durbin’s poem for Triple Canopy " You Are My Ducati" with BURNAWAY, Atlanta
PARMER Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn & BURNAWAY 261 Peters St SW Atlanta, GA 30313

Live tweet reading of Andrew Durkin’s You Are My Ducati in collaboration with BURNAWAY, Atlanta. This is the first of three Sunday reading groups that will draw from Nikita Gale’s selection of texts chosen to contextualize her practice and exhibition #parmograph at PARMER on view April 19 – June 8, 2014. The reading groups will be co-hosted by PARMER in Brooklyn and spaces throughout Atlanta, Georgia, where Gale is currently based. The live tweet exchange between the concurrently held reading groups—in Atlanta and Brooklyn—offers a platform to record the dialog between the these communities and the discourse building around the work and text.

Andrew Durbin’s poem You Are My Ducati—published in December of 2013 by Triple Canopy—can be found here. Nikita Gale hosted The BURNAWAY reading group in Atlanta at the organization’s offices and the Brooklyn group took place at PARMER in Bedford Stuyvesant. To learn more about BURNAWAY— an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing critical coverage and dialogue about arts in Atlanta and the Southeast since 2008—please visit their website. If you would like to follow or participate in the conversation but are not able to attend please search for or use the hashtag “#parmograph.