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June 21, 2014

Aviva Rhamani Virtual Feminism and Environmental Triage, a “Gulf to Gulf” webcast
PARMER 464 Quincy Street, Brooklyn NY 11221

Surviving climate change requires rapidly shifting our values. Women are often environmental first responders because they often tend food and water supplies. #YesAllWomen demonstrated how this can quickly shift international discourse. Can similar methodologies triage our present environmental crisis? Could a mobilized virtual community of savvy Feminists save the world? Artworkers Amanda Parmer from NYC, Eugenio Tiselli from Mexico, Mark Staff Brandl from Zurich with Aviva Rahmani from NYC and Maine, try to answer. Due to limited space, only the first 100 callers may attend. The recording will then be available on Vimeo at

"Gulf to Gulf” is a series of moderated webcast conversations with scientists, artists and others working with communities, education and research to address global warming. The goal is to compare, and analyze the challenges and solutions to climate change in gulf regions internationally.

Visuals from and the virtual recordings of these conversations are disseminated in a variety of ways including publications, installations and as on line resources. "Gulf to Gulf," is a multi-year, cross media ecological art work in progress that developed from a project with. The project began in 2009 and is sponsored as a 501.C3 by the New York Foundation for the Arts. The prototype debuted at the 2007 Venice Biennale "Trigger Points/ Tipping Points," (2007), as a collaboration with Dr. James White, paleoecologist. Previous sessions have been accessed from over 75 countries as a collection of raw recordings on Vimeo at ( They are produced by ecological artist Aviva Rahmani.