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October 26, 2014

How Fucking Romantic: sex, love, romance, etc
Organized by Conversations With Women and failed projects

This is the third in a tripartite series of thematic, speculative discussions in the context of All My Little Words organized by Conversations With Women and failed project. These conversations aim to bring together alternative viewpoints, skipping from politics to play to theory and everything in between. Non-prescriptive thematic prompts for the three conversations and notes from the discussions can be found below and on Conversations With Women.

“It’s a problem, though, that there’s a right kind of gay, that there are LGBT people who are warmly encouraged to step out of the closet while others who don’t fit certain parameters go largely ignored.” -Roxane Gay, “A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories,” Bad Feminist

"I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure babe
I do. I do. I do." - Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill, I Like Fucking