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Nikita Gale

April 19 - June 8, 2014


PARMER is proud to present #parmograph, our first project with Atlanta-based artist Nikita Gale. On view are five new drawings of celebrity autographs—Rosario Dawson, Stacey Dash, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks. In describing the work Gale wrote “the interest of the autograph project lies, I suppose, in the space in which a sense of commonality is engendered between the audience and the celebrity. The autograph is something that feels successful in it’s way of not presenting the image of the celebrity but rather presenting a work created by the physical body of the celebrity. The body is still inaccessible but in viewing his or her handwriting you are presented with an index of bodily movement.”

Suggestions of events, exhibitions and readings from the artist will form the basis of bi-weekly discussion groups for Sundays at PARMER and satellite locations throughout Atlanta during the course of the show. The sites will use Twitter as a platform— live tweeting conversations with the hashtag #parmograph.  The accrual of these crafted exchanges will result in a published text and catalog for the show. *If you are interested in participating in the discussion groups or have any questions please email: Please see links below for more infomation on live tweet reading group sessions:

May 4, 2014 Andrew Durbin’s poem for Triple Canopy " You Are My Ducat" with BURNAWAY, Atlanta

May 18, 2014 Glenn Ligon's text for Parkett “Kelley Walker's Negro Problem” with {Poem 88}, Atlanta

June 7, 2014 Adrian Piper's letter to Valerie Cassel Oliver withdrawing her work from Radical Presence at NYU with Nikita Gale

June 1, 2014 Susan Stewart’s On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection with Nikita Gale

All works: Nikita Gale, 2014, approx. 18 x 24 inches, ink on duralar. Top to bottom, left to right:Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Rosario Dawson, Stacey Dash.